New year, new food: my favorite food trends for 2015

Kale is so 2014 (oh, I do love kale so I hope it’s not!). As we enter 2015, a number of analysts have taken the time to document the anticipated hot food trends of the year. And while some diet-related trends — I’m looking at you, cleanses and bacon — may not exactly get the registered dietitian seal of approval, some food fashion on the horizon is making me jump for joy.

I’ve sifted through the reports to bring you my favorite food trends for 2015. Give them a try, won’t you?

Roll up your sleeve, save a life: 2015 blood donation update

January is National Blood Donor Month, which raises awareness for the critical need for blood donations. Blood donors really do provide hope to others and save lives.

There’s an ongoing need for blood donations, especially during the winter months when poor weather sets in and donations drop off. Already, the American Red Cross reported shortages in the first several days of January due to cancelled blood drives as a result of severe winter weather and the flu that may have caused some donors to become temporarily unable to donate. As we enter a new year, here is some useful information to help you make blood donation a priority.

Make quitting smoking your priority

You know it’s true – cigarette smoking is bad for you. Smoking causes heart disease, emphysema and lung cancer.

But there’s more. If dying of a heart attack or lung disease isn’t scary enough to make you quit, I’m going to share some other connections between smoking and health that might surprise you. I hope you’re shocked enough to make “quit smoking” your number-one resolution this year.

16 heart-healthy foods you aren’t eating

You may love to eat, but does the food you eat love you back? If you munch like most Americans, the answer is no.

With excessive calories, sodium, fat and refined carbs (including sugar), the typical Western diet can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and ultimately heart attack and heart disease. But many foods contain beneficial nutrients that help lower heart disease risk and improve overall health. Here are 16 heart-healthy foods to add to your menu.

The mind tricks that will make you workout harder than ever

Looking for some new ways to motivate your New Year’s resolution to work out? A new study from the University of Kent in the U.K. may have the answer: subliminal messaging.

One of America’s most trusted professionals is in your neighborhood pharmacy

Pharmacists were recently ranked second in a 2014 Gallup poll asking Americans to rate various professions according to perceptions of honesty and ethical standards.

Released a few weeks ago, the survey ranks nurses first, with 80% of Americans saying that nurses have high ethics and honesty. Pharmacists and medical doctors were tied for second place with scores of 65%. (Members of Congress and car salespeople were given the worst ratings among the 11 professions included.)

24 ways to lower your risk for heart attack today

About 1.2 million people suffer a heart attack each year, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The numbers may be scary, but here’s some good news: From munching on oatmeal to quitting smoking to spending more time outside, there are simple things you can do daily to lower your risk.

Here are 24 ways to take control of your heart health.