Back-to-school health checklist: are you ready?

Getting ready for the new school year involves more than just shopping for clothes and school supplies. Here are a few health and safety items that should also be high on your checklist.

Superfood to the rescue: almonds

Sometimes, nutrition can be supremely simple: swap in a few whole foods that pack lots of healthy punches, and you’re not just treating yourself – you’re treating yourself right. Such nutritionally dense foods are often referred to as “superfoods”.

Like Superman and Batman, almonds are pretty super. But these guys don’t need capes to work their magic.

Outdoor skin hazards: how to avoid mosquitoes, ticks, poison ivy

Ah, summer. Campfires, beaches, picnics… poison ivy, mosquito bites and ticks. Don’t let irritating, painful – even dangerous – culprits put a damper on your warm season. Take these steps to prevent skin hazards like rashes and bites, and enjoy the great outdoors worry-free!

Sports injury prevention & treatment: play it safe

World Cup 2014 soccer in Brazil has had its share of excitement as well as some player injuries. This global event is a reminder of not only aerobic exercise benefits, but also the risks for sports-related injuries and their prevention and treatment.

Spice up your diet and feel better

Do you like your food spicy, or do you avoid peppers? You might be surprised to learn that hot peppers can offer many health benefits. For your next meal, try reaching for that bottle of the spicy stuff – your body might thank you. Here are 3 ways peppers can help.

Polio virus found in Brazil is a reminder to vaccinate

The polio virus was found in a sewage sample collected near the airport in Sao Paolo, Brazil, one of the host cities for the 2014 World Cup soccer tournament. This is the first time in 20 years that the polio virus has been detected in Brazil. So what does this new development thousands of miles away from the United States mean to you?

Modern-life survival guide: stress, toxins and more

Whether it’s environmental toxins, foods we eat, the pressures of work or traffic congestion, modern living can sometimes stress us – and our bodies – out. Here are a few tips to stay well and beat the everyday stress that can take its toll on the body’s immune system.