One proven way to jolt your metabolism (plus a few others)

The human body’s ability to burn calories may be one of the most talked-about topics in nutrition. In the pages of magazines and the offices of registered dietitians everywhere, people are constantly asking, “How can I boost my metabolism?” I’m here to give you the lowdown on your body’s calorie-burning capabilities.

Better health through smaller portions

Being portion savvy is critical to losing and managing weight and controlling your blood sugar. Ideally, your portions of foods that are heavy in calories or carbohydrates but light in nutrition will be small. You know these foods: fast food burgers and fries; pies, cakes and cookies; sugary drinks; biscuits and croissants; and the like.

How to boost kids’ grades this year (hint: no screens necessary)

September’s halfway through, and school is in full swing. And with it, stress about applying (and reapplying) sunscreen is being replaced with concerns about homework and test scores for kids of all ages. The debates will likely rage on about new tests and academic standards, but politics aside, here’s another strategy proven to boost kids’ school performance: exercise.

“Give a Shot” in Tanzania: making a world of difference

Part 1 in a Stay Well series: we travel to Arusha, Tanzania, and see firsthand the impact of Walgreens’ Get a Shot. Give a Shot.® campaign, which helps provide life-saving vaccines to children in developing countries who need them most.

Five tips to see better

Although sometimes overlooked, eye health is critical to your overall health – and you can help keep your eyes healthy by taking a few easy, proactive measures. Here are five steps to better vision health.

Managing diabetes: the power of planning

Everyone makes simple short-term plans, whether it’s keeping your next haircut appointment or catching your favorite TV show. In contrast, running a business or building a retirement plan are complicated long-term plans – not everyone can (or wants) to do that. To effectively manage diabetes for long-term health, it’s really simple short-term planning that makes the big difference.

Protein & energy bars: the scoop

Recently, a client asked me if so-called protein or energy bars were a good food to include in her diet. My unsexy answer – like so many answers us nutritionists give – was, “Well, it depends.” (I know! I’m sorry!)

I remember when I was a teenager and “energy bars” were the domain of runners, cyclists and other endurance athletes. You’d see them in sporting goods stores where they were sold in nondescript packaging; what was on the inside resembled hardened clay. They were something you wouldn’t eat unless you absolutely had to.